Friday, April 26, 2013

William's Birth

Joe and I became parents just three weeks ago today. Our sweet William Joseph arrived on April 5th at 2:17 am. William knew that he and his daddy would be best friends so he figured it would be extra great if they shared birthdays too. So he decided to come at the perfect time, on his dad’s 25th birthday! 

William’s birth was the absolute most incredible experience of my life. It has changed me in multiple ways and I could not be more grateful for the experience I was blessed to have. I have always wanted to give birth “naturally” (without meds), preferably at home with a midwife. We went to our first appointment with our midwife when I was 8 weeks pregnant. I told her my interest in a home birth and she quickly informed me that in the state of Nebraska, it is illegal (a felony!) for anyone to attend a homebirth. I was shocked! So I would be delivering at a local hospital, St. Elizabeth’s (which I ended up loving!). I grew increasingly more passionate in how I wanted to give birth throughout my pregnancy. I was so excited for the moment to come to be in true labor. I talked to my mom for hours about it and she was always very encouraging that I could have the “natural” birth I desired (it’s how she had all 5 of us kids)! Joe was very supportive of it as well. 

So here’s our story:

Easter Sunday I had contractions all day long!  I was 37 weeks 5 days. They were consistently a few minutes a part and painful, but they didn’t really change much in intensity throughout the day so I doubted that it was “time”. I was able to sleep fine that night and I woke up the next morning and they were gone. Though, I could tell things were definitely changing inside. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday my contractions would start up again around 1pm and continue throughout the day. Tuesday I hit 38 weeks. My mom had a flight scheduled (she booked multiple in the weeks leading up to my due date in hopes of being at the birth) for Wednesday so we were debating whether or not she should take it but I knew things could still be a couple weeks from happening so I wasn’t ready for her to come yet. On Wednesday I told my midwife what I had been experiencing, we listened to the heart beat (which was great!), measured my belly (it finally grew a couple centimeters, reaching 35cm, from the week before), and I had actually lost a pound after not gaining any for the past 2 weeks. We had been concerned about his size but an ultrasound a couple weeks prior showed he was growing beautifully. My midwife, Jill, offered to “check” me to see if I was dilated at all (she doesn’t normally do cervical checks until you hit 40 weeks). At first I said no, but after debating back and forth the rest of the visit, I changed my mind. She checked and I was 3 cm dilated and 90% effaced - she said she even thought she could feel his hair! Crazy!

Easter Sunday - 37 weeks 5 days
 I was really excited that I was making progress (though I knew I could stay like that for days or a couple weeks!). My mom decided to book flights every morning for the next few days. The deal was I’d let her know by 6am every morning if I felt like she should come. My first thought was there was no way I would know by 6am since I never really felt anything before that time each day. So that night I prayed that when the time was right, that I’d feel something early enough to let my mom know. 

Sure enough, after only a couple hours of sleep, I woke up to contractions at 2am on Thursday morning. All week the “contractions” felt so different from the braxton hicks I had experienced throughout my pregnancy. These were more like really bad menstrual cramps all the way around my low abdomen, especially in my back, but no pain in my actual belly. They were painful enough, 5 minutes apart and lasting for 30 to 60 seconds, so I woke up Joe by 3am and he began the never ending task of rubbing my back through contractions. We made oatmeal at 4am and by 5am we were tired enough to attempt to sleep. I texted my mom (4 am her time) and let her know she probably should come. By 8:30 we were up, but my contractions seemed irregular. I walked a couple miles on the treadmill, which felt so much more difficult than any other day. I had to walk so slow. I tryed to stay up and moving or bouncing on my exercise ball as much as I could in an attempt to get things moving along a little faster if I really was in labor. Contractions became more regular following my exercise, about 4 to 5 minutes apart and lasting for a minute or so. Joe went to school at noon so I labored on my own. He got back around 2:15 and my mom walked in just a few minutes later. Within the next half hour, things picked up. Contractions 3 to 4 minutes apart for a minute or longer. I put some brown rice in the cooker since that was the only thing that sounded appealing (so grateful I did that, it was good fuel for  the hard work ahead!). We rubbed an essential oil on my back that is supposed to help make contractions stronger and more effective. It definitely worked! They became more painful and required a lot more focus to get through them, along with Joe’s much needed back pressure and rubbing. 

By 4:30 I decided it was time to go to the hospital. Things were increasingly painful, and contractions were 2 to 3 minutes apart. I ate what I could of my bowl of brown rice with avocado and peas and packed some last minute things to throw in the hospital bag so we eventually left around 5:20. 

I called Labor and Delivery and Jill, to let them know I was coming. Jill was in another birth so they couldn’t get a hold of her yet. The hospital is only 5 minutes from where we live so they got us back into a room just after 5:30. The nurse did a quick check and announced I was 4.5 cm and 100% effaced. I was staying to have our baby! We were really excited! Then began the not so fun part of having to sit in bed while they monitored the baby and the contractions. Contractions while having to sit still are much more difficult to manage than when you can be up and moving. After 40 minutes the nurse finally returned to remove the monitors. During the next contraction she and a student nurse commented how you could just see the baby’s outline in my belly - his back, bum, and legs were in view while his head was burrowed deeply down. So cool!

Time quickly became a bit blurry from here on out. I got out of the bed around 6:30, walked the room, bounced on the ball, and eventually got in the jacuzzi tub to help cope with the contractions. The warm water was amazing at easing the pain! Joey stayed right there, doing everything he could to help me. He was absolutely incredible the whole time! Eventually Jill arrived and she told me that the water can sometimes slow things down so it would be good if I tried some other methods for a bit, promising the water later if I needed. I got out, put my running shorts and t-shirt back on, and Joe and I walked the halls. During contractions I would face him, wrap my arms around his neck and hang on him while he rubbed my back. The next few hours continued with the walking and various positions in the delivery room. I sipped on coconut water (which tasted so great during everything!), ice and tried to munch on a couple crackers and jello but I quickly regretted that since the crackers made my mouth even more dry and the taste of orange jello lingered in my mouth making me a bit sick during contractions.

Some time in the 10 o’clock hour, I asked if Jill would check me to see if I was progressing because things were becoming very VERY intense and painful!  I was so bummed and slightly defeated when she said I was only at 7cm and my water was still in tact. Jill said she could break my water if I wanted, but it would make things more intense - it was up to me. I decided to wait, I’d go walk some more and try other positions to progress further. My mind was wandering a lot, I didn’t want to talk between contractions. I began thinking, I am never doing this again! This is so hard! But then I would tell myself “YOU CAN DO THIS! You will be so happy when it’s all over, just keep going!” Everyone around me was so encouraging. Joey kept telling me how great I was doing and continued to help me so much, and my mom suggested how I should breath through each contraction, though I never mastered her method. 

Joe and I walked the halls one more time - it was sometime between 11 and 11:30. After just one walk down the hallf and back, we returned to our room, it was too much for me. Someone, either Joe or my mom (I can’t remember who!), rubbed more of the same essential oil on my back (clary sage) while I stood leaning over a tray swaying my hips back and forth. The next contraction came on so much stronger and more painful. My quiet moans from earlier in my labor had grown to much louder ones. I told someone to “Go get Jill!” I felt close. She returned, I climbed back on the bed and she concluded I was 8.5cm. I may have cried. I was so tired. I talked with her about breaking my water and asked my mom what I should do. She said that even though it will make it harder that it would help it to all be over faster and we would have our baby. With each random check of his heart rate, it remained strong so we trusted that he was doing well. It was such a strange feeling when she broke my water. As the fluid that cushioned the contractions left my body, the pain grew much stronger. I moved to the “all-fours” position, trying to cope but I felt like I was going to throw up. Joey was at the head of the bed to my left, and there was nothing for me to throw up in yet so he told me it was okay, I could throw up on him (that’s love I tell you!). I was thankful in that moment there wasn’t much in my stomach and I’m sure Joey was too! My stomach was heaving upwards but nothing was coming up. 

I moved back into the jacuzzi and Joey climbed up on to the back corner of it so he could remain right by my side. I was moving all over the place, I was struggling to control myself as I said loudly that “I needed to push!!”. Jill checked and gave me the go-ahead to push however felt natural. So at 12:45 am, I began pushing in the water. I tried so hard but after some time, Jill said I wasn’t making much progress and that I should get out and try a different position. I stayed in the water for a few more contractions as they prepped a few things in my room and then I moved to the bed and tried the “all-fours” position (on my hands and knees). With each contraction I pressed back, lowering my chest towards the bed. Again, after a bit of time, Jill thought we could do better. She sent for the birthing stool which basically looks like a u-shaped toilet seat. She suggested Joey sit behind me, that way in between contractions I could lean back and rest on him and during them I could lean forward pushing with every last bit of energy I had while he pushed on my very low back. This definitely proved to be the most effective position. Our baby was moving down. I kept asking if he was progressing at all because I couldn’t feel where he was. I needed updates! Some of my pushes were far more effective than others. I was exhausted and didn’t have much left. That same throw up feeling that I had been having continued, only now the heaving upward shifted down. I could literally feel my body trying to expel this baby from my body. And each time I would feel this heaving downward that my body was doing all on its own, Jill would say, “That’s it, keep pushing like that!” But I couldn’t control it, it was totally an automatic response my body was doing on its own and it was incredible. I knew my body was meant to do this. I began to feel the intense burning, or “ring of fire”, that I had read so much about and I knew he was close so I pushed harder! Jill asked for my hand so I could feel his head crowning. With just a couple more pushes, his head came out and his body quickly followed. I opened my eyes just in time to see him slide into Jill’s hands. Oh the sense of relief! She immediately lifted him up into my arms as he cried so loudly and I was all tears and crying. Joe was in perfect position to see it all happen just as I had seen it and we took in those first moments together. After a few minutes, he was able to cut the cord. Our baby boy was born at 2:17 am, 24 hours after my labor began. 

We were in awe. We finally had our baby boy in our arms. Joe and my nurse helped me move back on to the bed so I could rest our baby on my chest. It was an indescribable moment as I lay there with my baby on me and my husband to my right. William (who didn’t get his name until about 12 hours later!) had stayed so strong even throughout pushing, his heart rate never dropped and he did so well. He was perfect in every way to us. Within just a few minutes, he was showing signs that he wanted to nurse. He latched on so quickly and nursed so well right away. After delivering the placenta and getting a couple stitches, the jacuzzi was filled with fresh warm water and I was helped back into the tub to give my baby his first bath. William calmly rested on my thighs in the water looking right at me. It was a perfect moment in every sense. 

After his bath, Joe got to hold him for the first time. I wish I could have seen it but they all left me to soak in the tub and rest for a few minutes - so needed. Eventually they weighed and measured him. 6 lbs 6 oz (which my mom guessed right!) and 19 1/4 inches long. 

Joe held our baby boy on the couch as he sat to my left, my mom on my right, while we took it all in. I was so thankful to be sitting there with all three of them. We were all exhausted but it had been an amazing night. After a quick visit to the nursery, Joe, William, and I were taken to our post-partum room - our first time alone together as a family. 

Packing up to go home from the hospital.
Headed home!
Joe's favorite way to study - 4 days old
William has been doing great so far. He is 3 weeks old today. He loves to nurse, sleep on his mom and dads chest, and be held all of the time. He hates having his diaper changed, getting dressed and being hungry. We are so excited to finally have some warmer weather to go out on walks and finally get out of the house. As of yesterday, he weighs 7 lbs 14 oz.

April 25th
I think about his birth all the time. In the moment, I kept thinking never again. It was just so hard! But within minutes after he was born I was considering it in the future. And just hours later I was completely sold on going “natural” again. I really am so excited to give birth again! Of course it’s intense (really the only word I think sums it up) - but so incredibly worth it. I am so thankful my husband stayed by myside the entire time, pushing me to keep going. So thankful that my mom was able to make it, I truly needed her there. We were lucky enough to have her stay for 2 weeks after he was born (which went by way too fast!). I am constantly needing reassurance from her that things both William and I are experiencing are normal and not to worry.

I am so thankful to be his mom and that Joe is his dad and that we are in this together! It is so surreal. This baby is really ours. Thank you for choosing us sweet William. We will love you forever.

William - 12 days old

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Gratitude

I am a big ponderer. I can get lost in thought for long periods of time and become almost oblivious to the world around me in that time. Today, as with every other day these past 7 months, I am thinking about my child. Our child. Throughout the many months of pregnancy, I of course have been thinking about him but it has felt so surreal that it's been almost too much for me to comprehend the fact that I am his mother. His presence has felt distant, like I would never get to the point of actually holding him in my arms. But for the past couple weeks, it has become far more real. This wiggly little thing inside me is our baby boy and in two shorts months (maybe a little less or more, who knows!) we will finally get to see him, hold him, and love him face to face. Surreal, yes, but also very real, perfect, and right.

I attribute this shift in thinking to a visit to the Temple three weeks ago.  I became rather emotional at one part and it carried into the Celestial room. A room that signifies reaching celestial glory with our Father in Heaven, that is most beautiful and sacred. I couldn't contain my tears of gratitude for my husband and our baby boy. He had been active throughout the session, but yet when I walked into the Celestial room he became calm. I was so grateful for my experience that day that I couldn't wait to go back. The same thing happened two days ago. Joe and I were the only two people in the Celestial room, a very rare opportunity. I sat there waiting for Joe for a few minutes and when he entered the room my feelings for him were beyond words. We sat there for quite some time whispering a little bit, and thinking. This time, our baby boy was movin' all around. He definitely wanted his presence to be known. In this moment, sitting in the most beautiful room with the most perfect Spirit filling it, dressed in white, I had this indescribable feeling. What feelings I could identify was that I knew, that we would be together forever and that our sweet children would be with us as well. 

So today, I am thinking about who our baby boy will become, what his likes/dislikes will be, his dreams and desires for this life, what we can teach him as his parents, what he can teach us and so much more. 

We have a Father in Heaven who loves us more than we may ever understand, who trusts us with His children to teach and guide them back to Him. What a responsibility we have! And I am forever grateful for it. 

And now a video, that makes me tear up every time!

So very grateful today!

Cold, yet perfect, day at the Temple. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Baby Shower

After the crazy time I had at the 28 week mark I wasn't sure if I'd get to go back to Arizona for my baby shower. My test results came back normal after my hospital visit but contractions continued a lot for the next week. At times having up to 14 an hour and only 4 to 5 minutes apart. Nerve wracking! At my 29 week mark I boarded the plane home to Arizona, praying my contractions would calm themselves while I was away from Joe. 

The visit was short but very sweet. Time spent with family and good eats always make for a good trip!

Thursday was my baby shower. It was extremely surreal sitting there opening adorable baby clothing, blankets and things and knowing they were for our baby boy. Like, wow! This is really going to happen. We are really going to have a baby! It was so fun and I loved being able to see so many wonderful friends and family.

My beautiful Grandma (left) and Aunt Margie (middle) who is 93! She is awesome and got our little man the cutest baby bath robe ever!!!)

Finally we'll have a baby to bring to the party when Joe and I hang out with these girls and their hubs!

So lucky to have the BEST Aunt and cousins ever!!!!!! Linds we missed you!!!

Love these girls! Just missing Mataya! I'd say her absence was acceptable though considering her husband was gearing up to WIN the SUPERBOWL!! WOO HOO!! Leilani, Mataya and I are all due within a month of each other! So exciting!  

Corinne and Momma Vicki

I am soo in love with this quilt that Momma Vicki made for her FIRST grandchild!! I'd say he is one extremely lucky boy to be surrounded by so much love and coziness! I couldn't wait to get home to show Joe!

Momma and I (Side note: she just did her last long run yesterday, 23 miles, gearing up for the Phoenix Marathon in 3 weeks. She is awesome!! I soo look forward to joining in on the marathon training conversation once again in the not too distant future. 

Younger brother JT and I. He was heading to the airport for an early flight to Salt Lake. 

Friday morning before my flight, the five of us, my mom, brother Kris, Tiersa, and Ella (who apparently was being blinded by the sun!) went to my favorite breakfast joint, the Farmhouse. Always so good! Kris and Tiersa are expecting their 4th baby in September -- so dang excited for them!!!!
I was so happy to get home to my husband and show him all of the fun things our boy was given!

My favorite room in our apartment. I think I need to tone down my excitement for him to come because it's still a little ways away! 31 weeks on Tuesday! 

I just need to get some pictures and things on the walls! 

So incredibly excited to have him home with us in a couple months! 

One more thing, the sweetest thing happened while I was at work this week. I work at a running store here in Downtown Lincoln (truly an awesome store!!), so I get to meet a lot of really great people and a lot of semi- and fully strange people. In the past month since my belly has been showing a bit more, I've heard things like... "Is that your BELLY BUTTON sticking out?!?" Why, yes, yes it is, thank you for pointing that out. Or... "What are you?!? 16 and pregnant?!??" Said in a shocked tone. <<I wasn't even helping that lady, thank goodness. 
But this week, I was helping this older gentleman. He seemed to take a while to warm up and trust me about the shoes, but was pleasant to work with. After he paid for his things, he threw down a $20 bill on the counter and said "This is for you to buy something for your baby." I was stunned. I said "No, no, no, you don't need to do that." His reply, "Please, I will never have grandchildren so I want you to  use it." Tears filled my eyes. I couldn't believe it. He had no idea, that earlier that day I had been struggling physically with work and questioning my ability to keep doing it. His generosity and kindness to a total stranger lifted me up for the rest of the work week and made me even more grateful to have the job that I do. 

Well, til next time :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hiccup at 28 weeks

Well, here we go! 

The 3rd trimester!!

Today I hit 28 weeks.

I know I still have 12 weeks left until the big "40" but I can't help but feel like 28 weeks is finally kind of far into this pregnancy thing. Yay for that!

So I thought I'd just give you a rundown of how things are going at this point. I love reading weekly updates on various blogs, matter of fact, its how I celebrate reaching a whole new week. I like to compare my progress to what other people experienced at about the same point, but I'm starting to realize this may not be the best idea. A lot of times it leads to questioning whether or not my pregnancy is going accordingly, making it rather stressful at times. Not so good. 

I've been trying so hard to keep up with life. Work, exercise, making meals, and trying to eat/drink enough every day. My last run was two weeks ago. Oh how I wish I could be one of the girls that was able to run throughout her whole pregnancy. But honestly, it really got to the point where it DID NOT feel right. On days I would run, I wouldn't feel the baby move very much and also would have more contractions. Two things I think were good signs that it was time for me to call it quits on running for the next 3 months. I kept telling myself that I would try again when I wasn't working quite as much and could rest more throughout the day. I'm starting to realize that's just not going to happen. So instead I began to rely on long/inclined walks on the treadmill, core and workout videos. I felt like I was getting a really good workout from the three combined and I was satisfied. I haven't been able to do any of the 3 for the past few days, I hope that changes at some point though! More on that in a bit...

Gaining weight was one thing I feared before ever getting pregnant. I have ALWAYS been very health conscious, some times a little obsessive, about calorie consumption and the quality of those calories. I have actually surprised myself throughout this pregnancy. I haven't feared weight gain like I thought I would. I actually welcome it becomes it means baby is growing and I'm progressing as I should. So far I have gained 11 pounds. It's a little low at this point in pregnancy and my midwife says I need to get in more calories throughout the day. Easier said than done. But I am trying! 

In early December I started having random contractions. Just figured they were braxton hicks that I had heard so much about. The day after arriving Arizona, I had very consistent contractions. They say you should call in to the office if you are having more than 4 an hour. On this particular day I probably had 10 an hour. Finally that night I decided to call. Ended up going in to get checked the next day and concluded everything was okay. They continued randomly throughout the next month. 

During work last week, I had more than usual but just figured it was all part of the deal. By Saturday they didn't feel quite right so I left work early so I could go home and rest. Sunday they continued randomly but nothing too bad. Around 3:30 am early Monday morning I woke up having more. Fell back asleep then woke up again around 4:15. They had become consistent every few minutes and were starting to hurt. I finally woke up Joey to help me. After heat pads and liberal doses of Lavender and Frankincense essential oils I was able to fall asleep close to 6 am. I woke up a couple hours later, rested before getting up but still had a few more. I was already scheduled to meet with my midwife that day so I waited for that. I was measuring a little behind so she ultimately decided I should go to the hospital to be monitored for a bit. I thought we'd be there for maybe an hour max. Yeah not so much. They monitored the baby's heart beat (nice and strong) and my contractions. It was super interesting to feel the contractions happening and seeing the line on the screen go up. Though I wanted them to stop! They did an ultrasound, and our little guy had grown so much in the past 10 weeks. We loved being able to see him again! Ultimately they ended up deciding they needed to give me some medication to stop/slow down the contractions. The nurse injected my arm with one call Terbutaline. She said it may make me feel shaky. Understatement of the century! Within minutes my heart was about to pound out of my chest and my whole body was a shaking mess. It was awful. They also gave me a capsule of another drug call Vistaril. 

Let me just say, I HATE taking any medications. As soon as she came in with the syringe of Terbutaline I was grilling her with questions, what is this going to do to the baby? Will it slow down his heart beat or increase it? Will he be agitated? IS THIS OKAY FOR HIM?!? I was a wreck. I hated not being able to research what they were giving me! Made me even more passionate about not using meds when it comes time for birth.

I left the hospital 4 hours later, with 2 prescriptions in hand. One to help the uterus relax (Vistaril)and an antibiotic (macrobid) to treat a potential UTI. That dang injected drug made me feel so crappy. After talking to my mom about it, she pretty much guessed what drug they gave me. Turns out she was on it for a WHOLE MONTH when pregnant and on bed rest with me. I can't even imagine. We got home around 6:30 and I was asleep on the couch by 7:15. 

I'm still waiting to hear the results of the various tests they did. One of the nurses kept talking about being on bed rest and how it would be worth it in the end. I definitely agree that all of this is worth it to meet our healthy baby boy, however PLEASE don't talk about bed rest. I am praying it doesn't come to that and that he just stays put for at least 9 more weeks.

Anyone else have any experiences like this?? Or used any of those drugs I mentioned?? Would LOVE to hear from you! 

So excited and thankful to one day meet our little man!!  Just praying he waits a couple more months!

Christmas Holiday

Two days after Joe finished up his finals, we hit the road for the great state of Arizona! We left super early, drove ALL day to Santa Fe, stayed the night there then got up early for the final 6 1/2 hours to Gilbert. 19 1/2 total hours of driving and we were there! I was 22 weeks pregnant at that point and man was I feeling it! The drive traumatized me a bit in that regard so I was dreading doing it again to get home to Lincoln. 

We had a wonderful time being home with our families. We tried to soak up all the time we could get with everyone, spent waaaay too much time on the couch getting sucked into Parenthood on Netflix, had delicious food, got sick (boooo!), celebrated Christmas multiple times, and even fell asleep at 11 on New Years Eve. Yes I know, we are p-a-r-t-y animals!

We also bought our first baby items there. Craigslist is SO much better in AZ than in Nebraska so we took advantage. We ended up buying our car seat, 2 strollers (including a NEW BOB JOGGING STROLLER for a smokin' deal that I am pretty much dying to use!), a super cute new crib, and various other little baby items. The first week was spent waking up early every day scouring the latest craigslist ads. 

If you live in AZ and are buying a crib, or really anything, any time soon heres a tip - we went to this store on Val Vista and Baseline called Shoppers Outlet. They are only open Thursday - Saturday with each day getting progressively higher in discounts applied to the WHOLE store. They have so much random stuff, baby items are just a smidge of what they carry. GO THERE! You will likely find something you need/want. All of the items are rejects or leftovers from Amazon. We got our brand new crib that is normally $200 for less than a hundred, including tax!! Awesome. 

Anyways, now for the good part. Pictures!

We took family pictures since this was the first time the whole family had been together in almost 3 years. Crazy to see how many grandkids are born in 6 years!

Bennett and his suspenders!! Too cute to handle!!

Baby boy Grimes was spoiled! We should have showed off the ridiculously awesome elbow patches on the yellow/gray cardigan! Jimmy and Meghan's other gift just arrived this week, a super cute Pack N' Play! 

Christmas night with the Grimes! 
This was also when we had to say "see ya later" to Rochelle and Eric until July! They left to Taiwan to teach English the next morning. So excited for them and their grand adventure!!!

Birthday celebration for Kate (middle). 

Nana and Kate share the same birthday, January 3rd, so we celebrated before we left town!

My mother-in-law, Vicki, is pretty much AWESOME! For Christmas she surprised us with the cutest, softest, swaddler (left) along with burp cloths. She and Corinne (sister-in-law) also filled my maternity closet! Finally some jeans and tops that fit right!! I was so taken back and excited!! A couple days later, Vicki took Joe and I to pick out fabric for a baby quilt and crib bumper. The next night, she surprised me with a totally finished and adorable crib bumper she made!!!!!! Also, a crib skirt to go with it!!!!!! A-m-a-z-i-n-g I tell you!!! I am sooo grateful for these perfect items made with love for her first grandbaby! We will love it all forever!

Our trip was perfect (minus all of the sickness that seemed to be running rampant throughout the LeSueur family) and it flew by. The road trip home wasn't nearly as bad as driving there thankfully and we were welcomed with snow covered grounds. Beautiful! We were so excited to be home in Lincoln!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Arizona Bliss

Originally we were planning on staying in Nebraska for Thanksgiving, but then my cousin announced she was getting married Thanksgiving week and we refused to miss it!! So tickets were booked and the long wait until November began. The trip went by ridiculously fast. So many people we wanted to catch up with and family time made the 5 days fly by in an instant. 

Bachelorette Party dinner at Liberty Market

Three of my favorite ladies, can't wait to see them again soon!

Waiting with my sister in-law, Tiersa, for Lauren and Andrew outside of the Mesa Temple. 

Momma and daughter

Lauren and her new hubby Andrew!!! So excited for them!!!!!

Lindsey and Wayne

Cutest Milly

We met up with Tiersa and our nieces at Cafe Rio so we could see them before they took off to Utah for the holiday

Lucy girl taking a breather from partying at the reception 
Classic Joe picture face with Mack (<---Cousins son)

Our sister-in-law, Meghan, and baby Avery came to visit us. So in love with her. She wants to give you a "high five" with her foot :)

I really am terrible at getting the camera out, hence no pictures of Thanksgiving with the Grimes! I'm so mad at myself for not getting any!!! I will do better next time!
We love our families!!